Essential Employment Terms for Female Executives

By Robert A. Adelson

The way to the top for women is full of challenges.

If you have shattered the glass ceiling and made it there to a C-level or senior executive position, congratulations! 

Now you want to survive, thrive, …

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Strategies for Executive Self-Care: Nurturing Well-Being in High-Pressure Roles

According to ComPsych, the largest employee assistance program provider in the United States, 62 percent of North American adults have high-stress levels that can lead to exhaustion and/or feelings of a loss of control. 

Constant, unmanaged stress almost always leads …

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4 Ways to Support Your Transgender Colleagues, During and After Pride

This year’s Pride Month is a bittersweet one, perfectly captured by the chosen theme: Peace, Love, Revolution. At the time of writing this, the ACLU is tracking more than 490 anti-LGBTQ+ laws on the dockets of nearly all state legislatures, …

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The Executive Mindset: Developing a Growth Mindset for Continued Success

Two children are faced with a complex puzzle.

Both struggle, but one child becomes so frustrated he declares, “I’m just stupid!” and throws the pieces on the floor. Another continues to try pieces in places they don’t fit, not finding …

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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: Strategies for Female Executives

From 2015 to 2021, the number of women in executive positions across all sectors grew from 27.1 to 31.7 percent.

However, we are still a ways off from gender parity, as women comprise 47.4 percent of the American workforce. What’s …

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How to Set Up Professional Email Signatures in College

May 31, 2023

Here is a summary of the key points from the article “How to Set Up Professional Email Signatures in College

By Jennifer Sainovski
Jennifer Sainovski Internship & Information Manager
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How to get more out of your job search as a first-generation college graduate

Career Advice for Job Seekers

Being a first-generation college graduate is an incredible accomplishment that is nothing short of life-changing. For some first-gen college grads, their circumstances might be that their parents immigrated from other countries and weren’t able to …
By Tasha Smith Tyus
Tasha Smith Tyus Senior Director
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LGBTQ Job Board

By Curt McPhail
Curt McPhail Executive Director
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How To Pass The USPS Testing And Get A Job

So you’ve decided to aim for a postal job and the only thing left to do is pass the USPS testing. As many people say, failing to plan is to plan to fail. So we’ve got a one-stop guide to …

By Steph Goodman
Steph Goodman
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How to find a tech job when companies are firing, not hiring

Tech startup layoffs have reached alarming levels, echoing the impact of the pandemic and affecting thousands of workers in the U.S. Unfortunately, layoffs affect new employee hiring as much as job security. A recent study by B2B Reviews looked at …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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