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Welcome to Wofford College’s Career Center’s official website! Here you can find various resources adapted to your needs, whether you are a student, alumni, parent, or employer. Our goal is to provide strategic career planning and professional development opportunities. We also connect students with prospective employers, mentors, jobs, internships, and valuable events on campus. Our website is broken down into different career industries, identities, and geographies to meet the needs of our clients and foster diversity and inclusion through information tailored to individual needs.

Site Navigation:

  1. You can follow and connect with communities by clicking the “Follow this Community” button.

  2. Jobs and internships posted on this site connect directly to Handshake.

  3. Mentors are all Wofford alumnus and friends of the college who want to connect with you, and clicking on them takes you straight to MyMentor.

  4. You can meet with a Career Center team member to help you navigate all these resources.







By Jennifer Sainovski
Jennifer Sainovski Internship & Information Manager