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A cover letter and resume are critical to securing your first job. Understanding how to have a clear, concise, and targeted resume and cover letter will help ensure you represent yourself in a professional and competitive light. If you keep scrolling, you will find resumes and cover letter samples to help you craft your own documents.

How to write a cover letter in 5 minutes, says Harvard career expert: ‘It’s professional Mad Libs’

Published Wed, Mar 29, 2023 10:21 AM EDT
Source: Envato Elements

Cover letters can be tedious. They’re less formulaic than a resume, more freeform like an essay, and for those who struggle with writing in general, can feel …

By Curt McPhail
Curt McPhail Executive Director
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Welcome to Career Center 24/7!

Welcome to Wofford College’s Career Center’s official website! Here you can find various resources adapted to your needs, whether you are a student, alumni, parent, or employer. Our goal is to provide strategic career planning and professional development opportunities. We …

By Jennifer Sainovski
Jennifer Sainovski Internship & Information Manager
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