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A degree from Wofford College opens a world of opportunities.  The Career Center understands this can be an overwhelming journey and is here to assist.  On this page, you will find essential information regarding exploring your interests.  Also, PLEASE NOTE we welcome the opportunity to talk with you one-on-one – by signing up for an appointment.  Lastly, click follow this community to stay current on this topic.

What is a Business Accelerator? Definition & Meaning

In 2005 an American investor and entrepreneur called Paul Graham created what is now known as the first business accelerator program, Y Combinator. He had decided to invest small amounts of money into a cohort of startups/entrepreneurs focused on the …

By Sarah Butler
Sarah Butler Launch Program Manager
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Don’t Wear Too Many Hats as a Small Business Owner

The truth is that, as a small business owner, you will naturally find yourself handling all kinds of different tasks, being pulled in multiple directions at the same time. Even though that’s the case, you still shouldn’t have to destroy …

By Sarah Butler
Sarah Butler Launch Program Manager
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