International Internships Available to Recent College Graduates this Summer

International Internships Available to Recent College Graduates this Summer was originally published on College Recruiter.

Projects Abroad logoRecent college graduates who want to gain some work experience abroad this summer may be interested in the internship opportunities found in the following post.

It has become increasingly popular over the years for recent college graduates to embark on a summer trip abroad before entering the workplace. Many graduates are interested in traveling with a purpose, and want to do something meaningful with their time. International volunteer organization Projects Abroad offers a variety of internships in several disciplines that give graduates a worthwhile experience abroad for the summer while also enhancing their resumes.

Projects Abroad has internships available in over 25 destinations across the globe. Interns travel to a country of their choice, choosing from destinations in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. These programs are designed to help graduates develop skills in a particular field by working alongside local professionals in the role of an intern and helping as needed. With internships in fields including medicine and healthcare, law and human rights, journalism, microfinance, business, international development, and veterinary medicine and animal care, graduates from all backgrounds are sure to find something to suit their interests and fit their career plan.

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