Pros and cons of female students, grads working for female-owned, small businesses

Pros and cons of female students, grads working for female-owned, small businesses was originally published on College Recruiter.

At College Recruiter, we continually remind ourselves how critical it is that all of our employees are the right people and in the right seats. Normally, employees get, want, and have the capacity to do a particular job well so they’re the right person and in the right seat. But, sometimes, people find themselves in roles which which they’re not well suited. There are many reasons why otherwise well-qualified people are not well-suited to certain roles, but one is that they clash with their manager.

We’ve probably all seen examples where someone is great at managing some of their employees, but awful at managing others. Personally, I’ve never experienced an issue where the gender of my manager creates a problem for me, but I’ve heard of that happening with so many other people that it is clear to me that it can be an issue. College Recruiter is proud to be a female-owned, small business. Most of our employees do not report to Faith Rothberg, our CEO, but some do. Regardless of how well our CEO manages her employees, female or otherwise, the question we’re asking today is whether female college students and recent graduates need to have any concerns about working for a female-owned, small business. What are the pros and cons?


  • Empowerment and Inspiration. Working under the leadership of female entrepreneurs and business owners can be incredibly empowering. It offers a firsthand view of women in leadership roles, challenging stereotypes and inspiring students to envision themselves in similar positions of power and influence.
  • Mentorship Opportunities. Female-owned businesses often foster a culture of mentorship and support, recognizing the value of guiding the next generation of female leaders. This environment can provide students with valuable advice, insights, and encouragement specific to navigating career paths as women.
  • Inclusive Work Environments. These companies are frequently more attuned to issues of gender equality and inclusivity, striving to create a work environment where female employees feel valued, respected, and heard. This can lead to a more supportive and collaborative workplace culture.
  • Networking with Like-minded Professionals. Being part of a female-owned company opens doors to a network of professionals who are likely to share similar values and experiences. This can be instrumental in building connections that support career growth and development.


  • Resource Limitations. Some female-owned businesses, especially smaller startups, might face resource constraints. This can affect the range of opportunities available for professional development and growth within the company.
  • Potential for Limited Industry Exposure. If the company operates within a niche market or a specific industry, there might be a limitation in the breadth of professional exposure and experiences. Students should consider their long-term career goals and how they align with the company’s field.
  • Navigating Gender Dynamics. While female-owned companies are often progressive in terms of gender equality, the broader industry landscape may still present challenges. Young professionals might encounter external biases or stereotypes about women-led businesses in certain sectors.
  • Work-Life Balance Concerns. Entrepreneurial ventures, including those led by women, can sometimes demand long hours and high levels of commitment. Students must weigh the demands of their jobs against their academic responsibilities and personal lives.

Final Thoughts

The decision to work for a female-owned company offers a wealth of opportunities for female college students to learn, grow, and be inspired. However, it’s essential to consider both the advantages and potential drawbacks in light of one’s career aspirations, personal goals, and the specific context of the company in question. Like any career decision, it’s about finding the right fit — a place where you will be the right person and in the right seat.

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