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The Launch Program is a community of student entrepreneurs and innovators at Wofford College. Entrepreneurial thinking is a proven skill that propels students towards success after college. The program has a mission to support and guide all students interested in growing their entrepreneurial skills and their own ventures. Launch is a part of the Career Center to add value and support to students looking to develop their skills as well as deelop9 their experiences, which could very well be the first destination after graduation.


We encourage students to pursue entrepreneurial activities through programming, funding, pitch competitions, mentorship, and business community resources.


Open Enrollment for Fall 2023

Receive a first-hand experiential introduction to the Launch Program before committing. Meet students in the program, attend a workshop, and learn details regarding eligibility, requirements, expectations, and benefits. Launch is always eager to associate with other entrepreneurs. Please complete the Interest Form if you’d like us to contact you.

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