Job Boards for Remote Hiring

1. Fairygodboss

Best for finding: Female-identifying candidates at all skill levels actively seeking remote work.

What’s excellent about Fairygodboss is that it goes beyond a traditional “job board” to offering a women’s career community where candidates can access expert career advice and company reviews to help them make the best choice. With employers like GE, PepsiCo, Accenture, and Salesforce using Fairygodboss to find top talent, this candidate-first approach seems to be a winner.

On Fairygodboss, employers can:

  • Create an official brand profile to get their posts seen by millions of women across the US
  • Validate their benefits and policies to highlight the information that matters to you and make sure you attract candidates who appreciate what you have to offer
  • Access a pool of highly-skilled women who are active in the talent market

About Fairygodboss: Fairygodboss is the largest career community for women*. Our mission is to help the women in our community by providing free resources and a safe, inclusive environment for highly motivated women to connect with other career-minded individuals and help one another to succeed. Millions of women visit Fairygodboss for career connections, jobs, community advice, virtual events, and hard-to-find intel about how companies treat women.

*Fairygodboss is an inclusive community, and when we use the term women, we refer to cis women, trans women, and nonbinary individuals.

Cost: Not listed

Top Feature: The Fairygodboss interviews, videos, and editorials highlight women who actively make a difference in other women’s careers.

2. We Work Remotely

Best for finding: Candidates from all types of backgrounds who are interested in remote work.

By now, it’s clear. Remote work isn’t going anywhere. As a major bonus, remote positions can help you tap into talent from diverse backgrounds anywhere you can find them!

On We Work Remotely, employers can:

  • Get access to high-quality remote candidates
  • Choose to have candidates manually sorted for them based on job descriptions
  • Find diverse talent all across the globe

About We Work Remotely: We’re a small team based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and we’re proud to operate some of the biggest job boards in the world. Our business model is simple – we love starting and running job boards that help people. We’re passionate about what we do and hope that comes across in how we operate.

Cost: Starts at $299

Top Feature: Candidate Filtering – The filtering feature looks at your job description, sorts through all the applicants, and prioritizes them based on the requirements you’ve indicated, making sure you see the best candidates first.

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